Dankotuwa | Stall Design | SLDF | Colombo | Sri Lanka |


Dankotuwa is known as one of the most traditional companies of ceramics which in the last years has exported their products all around the world.

In SLDF (Sri Lanka Design Festival) they wanted to launch the new collection between the softness of the lacquer and the roughness of the row ceramic, a minimalistic and imperfect product.

The stall has been designed in the same lines than the product, only two materials and two colors, like a plate, two sides that define the smooth and nature in one space.

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016.



AOD - Academy Of Design Stall-Studioapart-2-detail


AOD |  Design Stall | SLDF | Colombo | Sri Lanka |

AOD and Northumbria University at SLDF16.

Stall designed with more 600 square meters to exhibit final year students works during Sri Lanka Design Festival, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The concept of the stall was identifying the main areas for every department and integrate through a light line and a big visual. The challenging part of the design was understood the students’ requirements for the exhibits they will display during the event.

To solve all the problems for the exhibits we had designed a corrugates sheet which allowed the students hang anything they might be needed giving flexibility but at the same time a framework to organize the space.

As part of the Program from AOD and Northumbria University, the students had to display the final major project to the audience and get exposure in the main design fair in the country, as a result many of the students got hired as a freelance or to collaborate with relevant firms in the industry.

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016.

SLDF-Facade design - Night time with backlight-front


Design Fair | SLDF16 | Colombo | Sri Lanka

SLDF16, Sri Lanka Design Festival & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runaway.

Art Direction and project management for SLDF 16, concept, curation the design and project management in order to create the design experience to the target audience.

For this project, we have contacted more than 30 companies from the industry of architecture, interior design, real estate, material suppliers, brands and much more and curate their products following the main concept developed.

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016.