IED – Marketing for Designers


IED – Marketing for Designers

IED | Academic | Barcelona |

Istituto Europeo Design is one of the more established Design Universities in Barcelona and requested our col.laboration to lecture students of the 1st Year in Design to explain to them how important is Marketing and how it is related to the discipline.

Our approach to this subject from a Designer point of view, helped them to understand where will be their position while interacting with big corporations but also how they can implement those strategies in their own business as future designers in the market.

The students have to build a marketing campaign with a low budget but high creativity in order to impact in the target audience identified previously.

Inspiring and getting inspired!

La Salle MPM Barcelona - Studioapart

La Salle Business School

La Salle | Academic | Barcelona |

We started to collaborate with one of the most prestigious Universities worldwide sharing our experience and knowledge about managing projects internationally.

Inside of the work frame of the Master in Project Management, there is a specific program based on International Project Management where we bring our approach.

The key to success to manage a project internationally, for Us, is People, if you empathize and communicate properly with them they will follow from everywhere in the world.

Looking forward to inspiring more students.


Andamio Shelf

| Andamio Shelf | Product Design |

Andamio Shelf is a modular shelving system that was inspired by traditional Indian scaffolding.

The system is playing with the spirit of simplicity and functionality through the materials and compounding of the different parts. One feature is the method of construction, as it can be assembled without any tools.

The modular system can easily be adjusted to the required height to meet the needs of the user. It consists of three basic levels, which can dock to each other very easily and also the width is endlessly expandable.

The material is environmentally friendly and made out of recyclable materials. The structure is made of solid oak wood and the boards are made of 3mm recycled, painted aluminum surfaces.

Andamio has been presented in Tendence Frankfurt 2012, Habitat Fair Nude in Spain in 2012 and in Milano design week in 2013.

Designed by Kike Macias – Studioapart and Florian Gross

2016 A’Design Award Silver Medal.

2013 Ex-T Design contest -winner.

2012 Tendence Talents Frankfurt -winner.

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Unicor Design Showroom

Unicor Design Showroom | Barcelona|

Unicor is one of the most established wooden flooring materials related in Barcelona since 80′ has been giving service to all professionals and regular clients.

After the second generation in the business, the company wanted to turn the strategy towards a target which can effort more quality and also have an experience in their store.

The project is a 360 turn on the business strategy and designing everything from communication to displays in order to bring a full experience and clear vision to the clients.

More information soon.


JR Sitges, Barcelona minimalistic apartment

| JR Sitges Apartment |

Minimalistic apartment in Sitges Barcelona with high-end finishes, the story of a shower with views.

The challenge in this project was to make the customer felt in love with his apartment again, we discovered there were a lot of possibilities if we make radical changes.

Having a shower while you look at the sea could be one of the best discoverments we did, therefore we had to change the entire master bedroom, bathroom, and wardrobe in order to create a suite. With a shower with views a walking closet and a fully integrated bathroom as a continuity.

The shower has a mechanized screen controlled with a Bluetooth plug which is paired with the client’s smartphone and alow to give more privacy in the shower or let the views see from there. A cladding with black marble made-in for this project creates a unique experience while having a shower such a spa. The top counter below the sinks is in HPL giving a technical feeling to the space with two sinks and storage integrated with white mirrors.

For the kitchen, we had to change all the facilities and also find a conceptual language that fits with the clients’ lifestyle, beauty in the function. All the appliances are changed from the original location for that we had to re-think the space, study what kind the flow in that area and optimize the natural light.

Overall we had to create a living frame for his life with minimalistic language, excellent quality materials, and lighting design to create several scenarios.


Passive House Barcelona

Passive House | La Floresta | Barcelona|

Currently, we are working interior design project for a passive house, where we have to apply the international standards and knowledge for a sustainable residential building.

More pictures and details soon.

Working progress project.