Vitra concept project Boisbouchet

| Vitra concept project | Boisbouchet | France |

A conceptual project about memory and customize souvenir.

The project’s objective was to create a collection of textures, the main concept is about the connections we have to access to the memory data in the brain.

The textures are collected by the user and represents specific moments and feelings throughout the textures that surrender that momentum.

Every memory is unique like the very T-shirt and everyone can have it own memory content in this format.

Concept project about memory for Vitra.

Boisbouchet, 2005.

Set de Luz light

| Set de Luz light | Product Design | Barcelona | Spain |

Lamp project made of an ostrich egg with methacrylate legs.

The egg is treated like a source and screen of the light making visible the layers of material inside that makes every piece unique, the external surface of the egg have minimal opening to let light go through and also represent a microcosmos.

Levide finalist in the competition.

Barcelona 2001.