IED – Project Management

For students of the final year of IED Barcelona, we do an entire course on how to approach their future as interior designers and the responsibility attached to the management of their projects.

In order to engage with their momentum, we organize the session in parallel with the final major project trying to find answers to the main project they have in hands.

The other approach is giving them a glips of what is Project Management and how important it is that to the success of their projects in the future, some introduction to different methodologies and techniques.

By the end of the course, the students learn the main insights of an interior design office, legalities, contracts and responsibilities.

This course is done entirely in English due to the international profile of the students and the approach of the subject, the students will learn how to manage international projects of interior design and how to apply for international job positions.

Set up objectives and have tools to track them and action them will be one of the main focus of the course, tools which will help them to optimize their time and resources to keep their main objectives clear.