Service Design.

Commerce Design of Horta, Barcelona.  Dissenyem Comerç. In collaboration with Barcelona city authorities.

“Dissenyem Comerç” is a project promoted by the Department of Tourism and Creative Industries together with the Department of Commerce, Markets, Internal Regime and Finance and promoted by Disseny Hub Barcelona and Barcelona Activa. Community Research Design solutions Brand identity  

The Design Museum and Barcelona Activa collaborated with a team of graphic and interior designers from various fields to find ways to enhance local commerce in the upcoming neighbourhood of Horta, Barcelona. The primary objective of this project was to revive local commerce by highlighting the unique local and cultural characteristics that set this neighbourhood apart from the rest of Barcelona. We based our project’s progress on investigation methods and methodologies commonly used in design fields. Some of the methods we utilized included the double-diamond approach.

Phase 1

On the first project we developed along with BAU Centre Universitari from Barcelona, and with the students we have created a team to research about the local commerce and proposed some strategies to end up with one real and feasible proposal.


Phase 2

After the initial phase of research, we have organized actions of co-creation and co-design with the owners of the local businesses.  

Phase 3

In the next stage, we were focused on proposals that bring solutions previously identified.  

Final proposal for the first service design action

The main goal of our collaboration was to ‘ make it real ‘ since we saw previous projects which were more speculative but not put into practice, so we did it, we produced one of the proposals in real.









Action 2

  The project has consisted of the creation of a game with large panels that reproduce five different types of neighborhood store. Boys and girls can play it by adopting the role of merchants. The most representative objects of each trade in wooden pieces were also designed. A family day was organized where children could enjoy and take the pieces home.