M&B Backpack and accessories store in Mataró

|M&B Store in Mataró|

M&B hired us to think about the new vision and design of the store and business, since the brand wasn’t fully recognized because of the multibranded product the first focus of the project was to strengthen the brand of the business and create a narrative around it.

The main inspiration for the concept was the origin of the backpacks and the traditional relationship with handcrafts especially in this area of Catalonia where is well known the arts of ‘Cistelleria’ or wicker baskets.

We used an industrialized perforated metal sheet which allows the product to be twined or generate textures, the colours of the store are inspired by the different tones of the cane or wicker in the drying process from green to light browns which are also related to the Mediterranean tones of the nearby fields where is collected that natural fiver.

The versatility of the metal sheet plus the made-in hooks and displays allows the product to be accommodated in an infinite combination giving freedom and personal identity to the store and the brand.