BAU – Innovation and Sustainability for Interior Design

Nowadays in interior design innovation and sustainability goes as part of the core of the projects, due to the climate crisis innovate on how we live and optimize all the resources around as to improve the quality of life without compromising the environment is our responsibility as designers.

In this course, we give the main inputs to the students to apply those two concepts as part of the project from different approaches, experimental, functional, collaboration or functional.

BAU, Design College Barcelona has an interesting approach of design and the power of the ideas, the students are free to come with speculative ideas, test new concepts and from the academic side, we have to go along with them and give them the main tools to experiment and make these ideas feasible.

On the course we have site visits, guest lecturers and experimental workshops in order to give them a bigger spectrum of the discipline, going from the conventional to the experimental.

A side they will start to develop the concept of the final major project where they’ll integrate these concepts.