Design Guidelines for Brands

Design Guidelines for Brands

Studioapart design guidelines for brands







Design guidelines for Brands

Guidelines for international franchisers which are interested in invest in a big company like Cafe Coffee Day.

 The Design Guide Lines book helps to understand the design philosophy applied to concept stores and the procedures to ensure the quality and the success to transmit the brands’ value.

 We have done this important document that all the companies must have.

Caramba!!! MUJI

| Caramba!!! | MUJI Contest |

We like break the monotony with new products that are often only ideas converted into objects.

And for us, one of our best pass times does a project where the idea es more important than the shape.

On this project, we have done an Eco-friendly speaker for our smartphones.

The idea comes from a traditional cap that is used to protect against the rain like we do with our headphones…

Bangalore, India, 2013.

The Lounge Chennai

| The Lounge | Cafe Coffee Day | Chennai | India |

The first store in Chennai with the new concept for The Lounge by Cafe Coffee Day.

The challenge in this joint venture with Cafe Coffee Day is to create a Global concept store that gives enough flexibility to make each store unique and different.

 In this case, we have designed a wall mounting merchandising rack and a false ceiling fix in a net that gives versatility to shift any of these light panels to create new ambiance and an architectural language to define spaces and functions in the store.

Chennai, India, 2014