Summer workshops.

In this workshop, we share our experience in Interior and Product Design to anyone who wants to be involved in the design.

We approach made-in projects from many perspectives, social, design, user interaction, problem-solving, experimental, inspirational, anthropomorphic, from marketing, creating experiences, questioning the reality.

From launching a spaceship to analyzing the best coffee-shops in town or creating a space of exchange between locals and tourist people, anything that might come to the participant's mind will be part of our summer workshops.

Why in Barcelona, firstly, because we are based here, we are considering do the same in Sri Lanka where we have been rutted many years and still we do projects. Secondly, because of the open-minded culture and design referenced, Barcelona is one of the most recognized cities because of the design scene, we will be knowing in the first hand.

Here some of the opened workshops we currently can offer.