Vila SS Whitefield | Bangalore | India

Integral house design in Whitefield, Bangalore, India.

In residential projects we use to say that is a matter of feeling and respect, in this particular case, the owner believed in us to design their new Villa in Whitefield in Bangalore.

After analyzing the needs of the owners and their expectations, we have design a home which is clearly split into two areas, private and public.

In the Public area, we have created and environment for their often gathering where they have a frame with a gold wallpaper in the background.

The staircase helps us to create the vertical connection to the private area, with a lamp specifically designed for their staircase and we have used the mirror to highlight more the light and the vertical connection.

In the private area, they’ve required a fit in home cinema along with a solid surface bar counter for their private parties, in this case, we made the materials help to hide the doors and through a majestic sliding door and different lights scenes made the space as a premium home cinema area.

Whitefield, Bangalore, India 2015.