Office EduVelocity | Chandigarh | India

Office project focus in customer service.

EduVelocity is an agency which facilitates students from India access to the main universities in the world, following that brief space is designed to offer customer experience in the different levels of approach to the future students.

The office is a structure with a reception desk which leads to a grade/exhibitor furniture which integrates also the function of the long bench to have the initial contact in an informal way to the customer.

Once the customer is more comfortable and interested to about the program Edu-Velocity offers then is transfer to the cabins where they can get more customize information along with more privacy.

At the end of the office is the big meeting room which is visible from the main access and is made to large group of students or generic presentation, this room have the facility to be open to the main corridor were the long bench is located to even increase more the capacity of the audience if is needed.

Chandigarh 2015.