Bacelona’s coffee store’s design experience – BAU

We are offering this workshop along with BAU, Design College of Barcelona.

Workshop descriptor:

Design of international cafés with local, social and intangible influences.
The idea of the workshop is through the design of interiors as added value by the strategy of the
companies, designing an international coffee shop using creative processes linked to them
local influences, brand values, target, craft and whatever you give
value added by a very common product and linked to intangible values such as the
coffee, understanding the anthropomorphic and social act it has and how from interior design and marketing
it targets the target audience.



.-Duration of the course:

15 h of contact with the students distributed in 5 sessions of 3h each, including sessions
theory, practical sessions, visits, and presentations.

.-Schedule and calendar:

The course will be divided into two blocks from the 24th of July to the 30th of July.

1- Blog, Research & Creative Resources.

Session 1: 24 July (course presentation session, brief and teachers).
Session 2: 27 July (1: 30h presentation 1: 30h workshop).

2-Block, Development & Creative process.

Session 3:28 July (1:30 p.m. presentation 1:30 p.m. visit).
Session 4: 29 July (1: 30h presentation 1: 30h workshop).
Sessio 5:30 July (presentations projects). Last session.

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