As urban space and public media of expression and interaction.

We are offering this workshop along with BAU, Design College of Barcelona.

.-Workshop descriptor:

Creativity applied to public space, this workshop is a reflection of how we interact with space
urban, both to express ourselves and to socialize. The goal is for students to find one
need or message, based on the orientation the students want to make, social, activist,
design of furniture, resolve urban conflicts, within the legality of going to the limit. Always
seeking interaction with users, neighbors or entities and introducing and questioning concepts
established with the relation of public space such as play, identity, ownership, interaction
with tourist people.

.-Duration of the course:

30 h of contact with the students distributed in 10 sessions of 3h each, including sessions
theory, practical sessions, visits, and presentations.


.-Schedule and calendar:

The course will be divided into three blocks

1- Blog, Research & Creative Resources.

Session 1: 1 July (course presentation session, brief and teachers).
Session 2: July 2 (Presentation of resources and work in the classroom).
Session 3: July 6 (Fotovoice session & Elevator pitch). Delivery of the first exercise and presentation.

2-Block, Development & Creative process.

Session 4: July 7 (Brainstorming session and classwork).
Session 5: 8 July (Paper (TBC) and work in class).
Session 6: 9 July (Visit and work in class). Delivery of the second exercise and presentation.

3- Block, Definition & execution.

Session 7: 13 July (follow-up workshop).
Session 8: 14 July (follow-up workshop).
Session 9:15 July (follow-up workshop).
Session 10: 20 July, last session of delivery and presentation with an exhibition of projects.





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